Welcome to the first issue of The Underpass Review, a quarterly literary magazine produced by The Underpass, a Bridge Eight, Inc. publication.

When I sat down to build the framework for this project, I reflected on the modern internet content I enjoy as a reader. In that reflection, I remembered pieces from wonderful magazines like HobartBarrelhouseMcSweeney’sand Guernica. Each of these has their own style, but what resonated the most were the different moments from each that embraced that sense of humor that we as writers are conditioned to fight against; the moments, the instincts, and impulses to write some weird fucking shit.

In The Underpass Review, I wanted to encourage writers to do just that. I wanted to use open prompts to push them in a direction that would lead them to these impulsive crossroads and I urged them to lean in to the goofy and even looney temptations, while also allowing themselves the opportunity to flex their individual craft muscles.

For our inaugural issue, I asked writers to respond to the open prompt: REJECTION. This could be rejection emails from magazines like Bridge Eight Literary Magazine, that time their parents wouldn’t play with them, when the weird girl that was supposed to be in their league denied their invitation to dinner. Whatever came to writers mind first.

Well, they certainly didn’t disappoint. Between “The Combat Photographer Hesitates” by Dave Housley (a follow up to his piece in Hobart), or “Mercury’s in Retrograde” by Steph Post, the writers have let themselves loose. Now go read, you fucking nerd.

Caleb Michael Sarvis
Managing Editor


Drink Down Rejection
The Combat Photographer Hesitates
by Dave Housley

Baby Boy
by Grace Lanoue

by Riley Manning

Mercury's in Retrograde
by Steph Post

Another Lover
by Eden Garms

All artwork by C.H. Hooks.