The second issue of The Underpass Review has arrived! While we hoped to make this a quarterly endeavor, we’re learning just how difficult maintaing a project can be when you don’t have a team.

Coincidentally, the process has felt appropriately parallel to the coming years. Politics is an unavoidable part of the literary game. We make friends, we open doors, and we learn who to trust.

In the process of losing one teammate, finding another, and losing that teammate again, The Underpass has grown conservative in our growth; however, we will forge on. Like the next four years, the man or woman in charge can only do so much, and without a team to support them, it really doesn’t matter who we choose, right?

We know it’s late, and so a special thanks to our writers in this issue. They’ve been an incredible kind of patient, and I am indebted to them for not only their words, but their willingness to work with us. The politics are everywhere, and while some of the stories aren’t as optimistic as we are, we believe our ability to forge through the mud of the last few months only renews our faith in our future.

POLITICAL ANIMALS wasn’t supposed to be an election prompt, but rather an exploration into how we use power and privilege to our advantage. As writers, it’s difficult to avoid the present associations we have with words and phrases, so we weren’t disappointed to receive election stories.

Welcome to Issue 02 of The Underpass Review!

Caleb Michael Sarvis
Managing Editor



by J. Bradley

Like My War
by Alex Kirtland

by Matthew Harrison

Simon Narrow
by Dan Nielsen

by Johnny Masiulewicz