Suddenly, A Knock On The Door – a drunken review

Suddenly, A Knock On The Door is a book of stories written by the Israeli writer Etgar Keret, and published by Farrar, Straus, and Giroux in 2010.

The dude’s a fucking nut job.

Keret seems to have taken any idea that’s zipped across his mind and placed them in this book, and it’s incredible.

The second story of the book, “Lieland” is about Robbie, a grown man that has been lying since the age of seven. Robbie isn’t quite a sociopath, but he’s incredibly manipulative and one day a dream of his dead mother pushes him to check on one of his childhood lies. He falls into a hole underneath a stone, a la Alice in Wonderland, and comes acorss several lies from his lifetime. I’d lie and say it didn’t have an effect on me, but I’m afraid I’d face the consequences of that lie sometime in my future.

The stories carry on in this manner and it’s fucking dope. Some of them are tragic, like “Shut” in which a man fantasizes that he has a different wife and family, it’s just something he does, and it turns out the narrator is actually having an affair with that guy’s real wife. Life, what the fuck, dude?

This is followed by “Healthy Start” in which Miron is confused for someone else at a coffee shop and doesn’t correct the confused party. He finds enjoyment in being a deceitful tool, so he continues to return to the coffee shop and confuse people that have scheduled meetings there. This all culminates at the end where Miron pretends to be someone in love with another person’s wife (Etgar, are you having an affair, homie?) and when the guys finally attacks him, Miron feels alive.

In short, the book was incredible. I laughed, I drank, and I read on the shitter. Go read it and thank me later.

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