The Drunk Man On The Couch reviews The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

This was a pretty good book. It’s probably the best suspense novel I have read since Gone Girl.
It shared a lot in common with Gone Girl actually. It was like a mix of that book and an old school James Patterson story.
Hawkins does a great job placing you in the shoes of an absolutely unremarkable and almost nonredeemable character in Rachel Watson. She also makes sure you are disgusted with almost all the other players in the story. They all end up being an asshole in some variation. You kind of want things to go badly for everyone at one point or the other. I will say though as shitty as some of the characters can be, it’s a realistic grit that shows imperfections in the main characters not usually so pronounced.(this last sentence is bullshit… I know and don’t care.)
There is no real hero in this story.
It has real life drama and then shit hits the fan with more spectacular intrigue. I will say if you have relationship drama in your life this book will probably help keep you single.
The story had a decent enough ending and can’t wait to see if they mess anything up/make it better with the movie coming out in theaters soon.
I think you should read this book. Especially if you like sad drunk pathetic women protagonists and oh yes it has lots of easy chapter stop gaps so you can feel accomplished while reading ;).

Glad I could help you figure out if you will like this book or not. J.HALL

One thought on “The Drunk Man On The Couch reviews The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

  1. I tried to find canned gin and tonics, like she drinks in the book, to bring to my book club discussion about GotT, but had to settle for Straw-Ber-Rita bud lites, and that was another thing that sucked about the book. Good review.


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