Misery, a story by some guy named Stephen King

This is a great delve back into the good ole days of reading Stephen King and thinking I was a bad ass cuz at 11 years old I was reading pretty graphic crazy ass shit.

Misery was a book and movie I never got around to. I am amazed at how many people have seen the movie and the age spectrum of these viewers is from young to my age.

How did I miss this gem??

Anyway I found an. old beat up copy (the best kind of beat up) cool cover art and hell it doesn’t even scan into the Goodreads scanner so you know it is quality.

First I want to thank William Goldman for introducing me to Annie Wilkes in his afterward or forward (I can’t remember) in the most recent edition of Princess Bride.

Goldman wrote the screen play for Misery.

He gave some cool insight to Kathleen Bates and Misery itself and got me pumped to read the book.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

King is literally the most amazing writer and stepping back from his books for almost a decade has shown me what quality writing is about. I love the piling analogy with the Novril pills and Paul Sheldons(Misery’s second leading character) in and outs of drug induced sleep. Annie is way more psychotic in the book for those of you who have not read the paperback. I really enjoy the REAL of this story. So many times your main character gets out of the situation unscathed. This book doesn’t let that happen.  And most of the time when crazy shit happens to a character the victim has at least some disagreeable characteristics but not Paul… he just got abducted and tortured. I really hoped the movie would show more of the gruesome aspects but sadly not. While still showing some brutal (and different) torture scenes it was a great adaptation.
If you have not read this book go buy it and the movie, clear out your weekend plans and make it a Misery weekend … I did and my sex life is better than ever!! WOW!!


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