What is This?

Welcome to The Underpass. Unlike other rising literary projects, we don’t care much for pretense here. We aren’t trying to play by the rules, or worry about our place in the literary game.

To read our origin story, check out our first blog post here.

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So, what do we do here?

We post a monthly Drunken Book Review Podcast, in which the four of us pick a newly-released novel, read it quickly, and review while under the influence of locally crafted beer, or Old-Fashioneds crafted by our very own Jared.

We publish an online lit mag, The Underpass Review, where every issue is themed, perhaps too specifically, and we couldn’t care less whether you read it or not. If you’re interested in submitting, check out the magazine first.

But most importantly, we get candid about literature. We like what we like, and we’ll tell you exactly why we don’t like anything else.



Caleb Michael Sarvis is a Jacksonville writer. He is the Fiction Editor for Bridge Eight Literary Magazine and co-founded the sports website Bench Points, where he still occasionally contributes. He is the author of the story collection Broken Record Nostalgia and his work has been featured at Empty Sink Publishing and Yellow Chair Review.






Jared Rypkema is the Founder and Executive Director of Bridge Eight, Inc., a nonprofit publishing company based in Jacksonville, Florida.

While no longer an editor for The Underpass, Jared’s contributions were instrumental in our launch.





C. H. Hooks is the author of the novel Henry. His work has appeared in several print and online publications, including American Short Fiction, Burrow Press, and Folio Magazine. He is a candidate for MFA at The University of Tampa.






Justin Hall is a mild mannered, average height man(with a beard… ladies) who during a massive reactor explosion was given out of this world depression, social awkwardness and anxiety. He now uses these powers to successfully run a coffee shop in a far off place called Green Cove Springs. He also reads more books than you. He doesn’t like to boast… unless it is about how many more books he reads than you (You lazy piece of shit). Sorry, went too far. I am sure you are busy with whatever it is you do… Be his friend on social media.
Instagram: @booksbeansandbooze