Submission Guidelines

Interested in Submitting to The Underpass Review? Glad to hear it! Unsolicited submissions are the only reason this weird project might prevail, so we are happy to know you are considering us for your work.

Every issue will be in response to a particular theme or prompt. We aren’t the place to send your prized possessions or your dedications to your recently passed grandparent. We are the home for those primal, degenerate instincts that you have while writing, but ignore because you know it isn’t “good enough” for the lit mag you’re aiming for.

For Issue 02, we are asking for pieces in response to POLITICAL ANIMALS. Make of that what you will. Send us your pieces before July 1, 2016.


  • Fiction only. While we respect poetry, it doesn’t quite fit the aesthetic we’re going for at The Underpass Review. It’s just really difficult to read after drinking, so we aren’t currently accepting any poetry, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t hope for you poets. Cheer up for fuck’s sake.
  • While our themes or prompts are ridiculous, that doesn’t mean we want garbage writing. We want work that has been revised, polished, and shaped to tell a story. Have some pride, dammit!
  • NO PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED WORK. Though, if you’ve already written something that fits the theme, bravo.
  • Keep the stories between 500 and 1500 words. This is an online magazine and no one wants to scroll through your twenty-page manuscript during their daughter’s ballet recital.
  • ONE SUBMISSION AT A TIME. If you send us more than one story per submission period, we will edit all of them by substituting inappropriate language wherever we want, submit them to as many magazines as we can, and get you black-listed from the literary world as a whole. Or, if we’ve been to Taco Bell recently, we’ll just print them out and wipe our asses with them.
  • Size 12. Double spaced. Industry standard, guys.
  • Original artwork to accompany your piece is encouraged, though not required.


By submitting to The Underpass Review, you grant it the right to be the first to publish the piece in the US (also known as First North American Serial Rights). After publication, the right to publish elsewhere reverts back to you.

Go to our Submission Manager.